New Road Construction

In 2014, Twin Rivers built 10.8 km of new road on the Hat Lake Connector project.  This project is approximately 70 km north of the community Fort St. James, BC.  In addition to the road grade construction, there was installation culverts, one embedded culvert, and two 120' steel girder bridges.  Our crew, of approximately 20, consisted of a supervisor, foremen, machine operators, truck drivers, culvert & bridge installation laborers and an onsite first aid attendant.


In 2017, Twin Rivers completed the Masich Place Stadium upgrade.  This was a very sensitive project in which we had to  protect the existing rubber track and perform upgrades to both inside and outside of this track.  We excavated and hauled off-site approximately 15,000 cubic meters of waste soil, installed track perimeter drains & curbing, placed ground insulation under the infield area and placed sub-grade aggregates on the infield.  We prepared specific areas outside the running track for field fitments such as Hammer Throw, Javelin Throw, Discus & Shotput, Long Jump pits & a High Jump area.  This project employed 13 people and various sub-contractors.

In the Fall / Winter of 2015, Twin Rivers excavated 366,000 cubic meters of soil to create an ash pit for one of the local pulpmills.  All soil removed from the ash pit was stockpiled on site in 6 dump areas, and were finished by sloping and seeding each one.  There was a total of 7180 man hours on this project, along with 3 excavator, 2 dozers, 4 rock trucks & a packer.

Landfill Operations

Twin Rivers is currently operating a cover & compaction contract.  This contract includes daily placing and compacting of waste, the excavation, hauling and placing of cover material, nightly hauling & placing of cover mats and weekly cell close out.  In addition, we have also been the successful bidder on three landfill gas header extension projects in 2007, 2011, & 2016, as well as a Leachate Force Main project in 2015.

Civil Services

In August 2018, Twin Rivers started the Lower Patricia Boulevard sanitary sewer line upgrade.  This 900 meter, gravity fed sewer upgrade will increase capacity to the downtown Prince George core & accommodate infrastructure expansion.  This project employed 13 to 15 people throughout the fall of 2018.

During the fall of 2018 we were back at Riverpoint Landing to install the civil services in another phase of this development.

During the summer of 2016, Twin Rivers completed the site services at The Canadian Brewhouse & Grill in Riverpoint Landing.  This project included: clearing and grubbing of the site, excavation & installation of water & sewer services, electrical & communications duct install, parking lot base preparation, and foundation excavation & backfill.

Selective Demolition

Twin Rivers performed a selective demolition at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George. We removed two shop bays and a block of classrooms, leaving one shop bay intact.  We removed salvage from the buildings in the form of doors, windows, metals & concrete.  Most of the salvaged items were re-purposed with the exception of metals which were separated and sold.

Complete Demolition

Twin Rivers performed the demolition of the Blackburn Secondary School in Prince George. The building was stripped of all usable & salvageable parts and then was completely demolished and hauled to a disposal site. There was a substantial concrete foundation in that structure that needed to be removed and disposed of. Twin Rivers found a recipient that needed to build a road on difficult ground, we crushed the foundation concrete and delivered it to their nearby site and an access road was built.

New Rail Grade Construction

In the past 6 years, Twin Rivers has built 9 rail siding extensions. Each siding consisted of building new grade for approximately 1- 1.5 miles in length. All siding grade construction is done on an active, in service, railway which requires highly skilled staff, operators, and coordination with the client.

Lowbedding, Hauling & Transport Services

Our fleet of Twin Rivers trucks are busy on all highways & forest service roads. Local forest industry contractors, heavy equipment dealerships, construction contractors and even private citizens employ our lowbeds to move equipment & supplies, and our gravel trucks to move materials on a daily basis.  In addition to our fleet of lowbeds, railbeds, & stepdecks, we now offer winch truck services with 2 units.

In 2016 we forged a relationship with one of BC's newest mines.  Our trucks have been hauling on-site at the mine location and from the mine site to various locations.

Pipeline Maintenance

Twin Rivers held a multiyear contract with a major oil / gas pipeline owner, to provide maintenance digs. In the course of an integrity dig, the pipe is exposed, old coating removed by sandblasting, inspected by a third party contractor and then recoated, supported and back-filled. Our crew completed approximately 1000 digs during our term, and all were “hot line” digs with the facility in service.


After the Pine Pass Floods in 2011 and 2016, we did major stream realignments and revetment along the pipeline, railway, highway, and hydro rights of way. Many of these included the placement of large armoring rock to protect further damage from happening. Most of these were “in stream” which requires very special circumstances to maintain or restore fish habitat to ensure a productive ecosystem for generations to come.

In 2018, Twin Rivers performed a major stream revetment located below the PGARA and above the CN Rail Line & Fraser River.  We harvested the timber to the east & west to expose the stream channel and then cleared the debris within the channel.  The channel walls were sloped and we installed a gabion basket and riprap base to ensure that the water would flow through this area with no further destruction.  During this project we installed a culvert over the Husky & Fortis pipelines, that exist at the upper section of this project, to protect the existing infrastructure.


Summit Lake to Fort St. James, we have built access trails to remote sites for the feasibility of a pipeline. After gaining access to these sites, we then built pads for the drill rig crews to set up their equipment to do their test holes. Upon completion, our crews then deactivated each site.

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